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Blog 7: Onto 2016

As the members of the Magnard Ensemble recover from our respective Christmases, we are beginning to look forward to the year ahead and all the exciting projects we have on the horizon.

First among them is our Roald Dahl Centenary Project, Revolting Rhymes and Marvellous Music. The promotional materials are being assembled, the engagement list is being drawn up and we have our recording planned for April. The press and PR campaign will be gathering steam from February, and we hope that will facilitate an expansion of the number of the people the project will be able to reach.

More immediately, January will see us performing in Tonbridge before continuing our work with the Cavatina Chamber Music Trust, which we value as an integral part of our portfolio. First up is a school concert in north London, before we return to the Wigmore Hall once again (surely they’re getting sick of us by now…!) for a Family Concert in the Main Hall to crown off what will prove to be a very busy month! All of this, of course, while the Roald Dahl works keep mischievously simmering on in the background… Tummy Beasts and Crocodiles will be joining the fun...

Maggerz New Year Love to all,


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