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All the members of the MAGNARD ENSEMBLE are deeply committed to music education as a key part of their individual careers, ranging from individual private teaching to class workshops, group sessions and community work. 


The ensemble benefited from a year of intensive training and experience-building provided by the Royal Academy of Music/Wigmore Hall Learning fellowship department, where members shadowed, planned workshops, and trained in animateurship and session leading. It now works closely with these organisations as well as others such as the CAVATINA Chamber Music Trust.


The ensemble regularly lead themed family and demonstration concerts and other single-session events, as well as co-ordinating longer-term, multi-session projects, which can cater to different age groups, abilities and demographics. We have developed a fun, friendly and dynamic presentation style, highlighting the personality of each member.


If you are interested in knowing more about any aspect of our education work, please visit our Contact page.

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