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by Rob Biddulph


We have developed a free set of resources (both audiovisual and on-paper activities) for teachers of Nursery, Reception and KS1!

These all accompany our musical animated film of acclaimed author and World Book Day illustrator Rob Biddulph’s picture book ODD DOG OUT, a colourful and poignant tale of celebrating individuality and diversity.


We are delighted to be able to make these resources freely available to to teachers and classes across the UK.

However, if you are able we would really appreciate a donation of any amount so that we can continue our work!

If you are interested, please click here to visit our fundraising page.


The resources can be accessed directly via the links below!

You can click on the video titles to view them on YouTube in fullscreen.


This flexible pack is for teachers to create one or several sessions around the film and includes:

- Craft activities 

- Musical games

- Video-led activities eg. song learning 

- Worksheets 

- Training videos: enabling teachers with no music-specialism to incorporate simple musical activities into sessions


Areas of Development Matters/ EYFS / KS1 curriculum covered in each activity are annotated to assist evaluation.

Areas covered include:

- Expressive Arts and Design

- PSED: Self confidence and self awareness

- Literacy – Reading and Handwriting

- Understanding the World

- Physical Development

- Maths and Science

- Music

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