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Blog 9: Trip to Tonbridge

First concert of the New Year for Team Maggerz - a recital for the Tonbridge Music Club! They are a wonderful society who book amazing artists and ensembles, and to share a season with such names as Florilegium and the Heath Quartet (the latter of whom we'd worked with last year at Wigmore Hall) was rather exciting.

Travelling down together from Victoria Station (with the exception of Suzie, who almost couldn't get her car to start!) we all congregated at the church for the first time in the New Year. After many minutes relating details of our various Christmases and New Years (as well as professing our envy at Suzie's tan from her recent holiday in Tenerife) we set to work. It turns out the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Tonbridge has a wonderful acoustic, perfect for wind instruments.

The concert seemed to be very well received, as was our presentation style, with each member introducing each work in the programme. We were very happy to be part of the Benson Young Artist Series, set up in memory of the wonderful pianist Clifford Benson, but also, in true Maggerz fashion - we managed to sneak in not only a cheeky plug for #teampig and the Revolting Rhymes project, but also an encore!

The less said about the journey home, at least for us intrepid train-goers, the better. Occupational hazard, unfortunately, when we're travelling around doing concerts!

Below: the rest of the gang during our rehearsal.

Until next week, love from #teampig



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