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Blog 24: September News

Mana here!

TWO big pieces of news this month. Number one, our fabulous flautist, Suzie got married! Congratulations Mr and Mrs Clements!! She was a beautiful bride and although I vowed not to cry, my tear duct had a different idea as soon as I saw Suzie at the bottom of the church aisle…

News number two, OUR CD IS FINALLY READY. We can hardly believe it ourselves. It’s been such a long and windy road (with lots of learning curves) but thanks to everyone who supported us over the past year in making this happen. It is available to pre-order from Amazon!! Click on the link here to go to the Amazon page.

We have also started a Facebook page, in case that was the preferred method of keeping in touch for some people. Please feel free to write on the page or send a private message – as always we love to hear from you!

We are also planning on creating some Spotify playlists – I myself am quite new to Spotify Premium and I wish I’d got onto it sooner! You’re never bored with Spotify. Washing up has never felt so fun.

So watch this space!


#wedding #news #music #roalddahl

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