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CD Countdown 4: Say Cheese! (We do love cheese...)


Thank you for joining us to revisit our fondest memories from the Revolting Rhymes and Marvellous Music project. You’ve already read about how it all came about, the early days, and the very important recording process. But I’m about to tell you about the day when we became real stars… Well, we thought we were for the day anyway!

It was a grey November morning, but at a secret location along the Regent’s Canal in Islington, the bright and sparkly stars of Magnard Ensemble were getting ready to channel their inner Naomi Campbells for their very own photoshoot. The girls crowded around the mirror fussing with mascara, lipstick, and hair straighteners, ...while Jon stood behind wondering just how many products and tools we need to get ready…! We were ready in no time (Jon shakes his head) and shyly lined up in front of the camera. We felt nervous and giddy, not really knowing how or where to look but thankfully our lovely photographer Ben Ealovega knew exactly how to make us look good, and we began to realize that we could just be ourselves and trust Ben to capture our best moments...

Messing about aside, we were so pleased to see that Ben was able to portray exactly what we are like as an ensemble - we love working together and our aim as performers is to share the fun with our audiences. Those of you who have met us at our performances or workshops will hopefully have sensed that! Music, after all, is here to bring joy to people, no matter who they are. We hope that our new CD will allow us to reach even more people, even if they can’t get to one of our shows.

Visit our Facebook to see some of the best pics from the photoshoot, and do leave a message or a comment - we love hearing from you!

And don’t forget - you can buy your own copy of the special CD from the links below.

For iTunes click HERE

For Amazon click HERE.

Lots of love, Mana xxx

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