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CD Countdown 3 - The Recording

Three amazing pieces. On the brink of a national tour. In April 2016, Trinity United Reformed Church, Wimbledon is the venue. We have the exceptional producer Andrew Keener at the helm and Oscar Torres engineering. We’re about to make our debut CD, ‘Revolting Rhymes and Marvellous Music’! I was quite nervous about the whole process - I’d never been recorded in such an exposed ensemble, making something that felt so much like it belonged to us. It was amazing to be in the hands of such an excellent producer - Andrew was a friendly, calm, cool head for the two days we spent on the record. Equally, engineer Oscar’s knowledge of how to record us was amazing - it was quite magical how they made us sound at our best! As we warmed into the process and the nerves calmed, it was such a fantastic experience. We had Paul Patterson there to help us to realise his fantastic music - Paul is a great friend to the ensemble and has been such a constant support from the start, we were so grateful to have his input into the disc. A lot of biscuits and cups of tea later and a race to finish the disc in 48 hours, we had an album of Roald Dahl works ready and raring to catapult us on towards our tour!

To hear the results, pre-order the album!

For iTunes click HERE

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