Blog 13: Meet Mr. Magnard

Hello all!

Another Sunday means another blog from the Maggerz team! People often ask us where we got our name, the 'Magnard Ensemble' from, so I thought the blog would be the perfect opportunity to enlighten you all!

To do this we have to cast back to 2012 and to our student days at the Royal Academy of Music. Whilst there, we originally formed a piano quintet - piano plus flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon (can you believe we originally didn't have a Jon!) and really the only main work for this combo was by none other than Mr. Magnard himself! We took him as our namesake and it just stuck, even when we swapped the piano for a French horn to form a standard wind quintet (we weren't sure the group had much mileage with just one main work in the repertoire!)and also through various personnel changes!

Mr. Magnard in a minute: