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Blog 16: Holliger, Honegger, and Hindemith hilarity

We’ve been channeling our good friend Wolfie this week, as we’ve huffed and puffed our

way through many rehearsals and built up the lung capacity just to even introduce our H-

themed programme of Holliger, Honegger and Hindemith at the Swiss Church of London on


This was a concert of works all connected in some way to Switzerland, featuring some

beautiful solo contributions from Mana, Joe and Suzie, which was wonderfully received a

lovely audience. Juon and Stravinsky also featured on the programme and we were

especially delighted to be able to perform Stephen Dodgson’s wonderful Sonata for Wi


Quintet again for his wife Jane, who very kindly came to listen. We had a lot of fun

playing in such a beautiful space and also greatly enjoyed our chats with the organizer of the

event, the infamous Ursula Jones, who knew five out of the six composers on our programme

personally! Dinner with Stravinsky and a concert in her garden given by Hindemith, who

apparently used to play the bassoon - who knew! Perhaps this picture of Hindemith was

even taken at that very same event- we’ll have to ask her!

We also polished off another juicy little pig for dinner on Monday with an audition for Park

Lane Group, promptly followed by an intense rehearsal - hysteria may have settled in a little

towards the end…

Another exciting development this week was the creation of Music Link International’s page

featuring our performance of Three Little Pigs at Wigmore Hall- if you haven’t had a chance

to check it out yet please do here!

The coming week holds much more rehearsing and another audition – hopefully we’ll blow

the panel away with our party piece, Paul Patterson’s ‘Westerly Winds’… (pun entirely

intended sorry).

That’s all from us for now!

Maggerz love! xxx

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