Blog 15: The 'calm' before the storm

Brace yourselves, piglets.

The Magnards are coming. Nothing can stop them. World Domination is at hand.


Fresh from seeing the wonderful Theater Gnaffel and the Cambridge Philharmonic perform their interpretations of 'The Three Little Pigs and 'Little Red Riding Hood' with full orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall, I spent my journey home thinking about what I should write for this week's blog, where we are as a group and what we have coming up on the horizon. On the face of it, life at Magnard Towers recently seems to have been quite restful. Due to members busy with various individual engagements, we haven't rehearsed for a whopping ten days - and all appears calm and tranquil. However, as Roald Dahl observes, 'nothing is ever quite what it seems'.

Underneath this calm exterior, messages have been frantically zooming back and forth over airwaves, links tweeted and files transferred, schedules discussed and repertoire planned. From last minute auditions and applications and a narrowly avoided quadruple booking (!) to co